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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis has been experiencing an increase in crime in recent years, especially property crime, but also violent crime. When you’re convicted of a crime, in Bay St. Louis, every aspect of your life hangs in the balance. You risk losing your job, your home, many of your civil freedoms, and the respect of your loved ones—and that’s just a few of the consequences you’ll face after a conviction. Don’t fall for the idea that you can talk your way out of criminal charges. Instead, contact Holcomb Johnson PLLC today so we can start building your case. Call us at 228-432-6652 to get started.

Trust Us with Your Criminal Charges in Bay St. Louis, MS

Our team spends much of our time focusing on criminal defense cases, so we know all too well how these cases can affect clients’ lives. Not only do you face serious financial penalties, but you may also even be looking at the possibility of jail or prison time.

When you choose Holcomb Johnson PLLC, feel confident knowing that your case is with an aggressive criminal defense team that knows the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Attorney Damian Holcomb boasts an in-depth knowledge of Mississippi criminal justice, and he has spent his career assisting clients by uncovering flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

No matter what type of charges you’re facing, you can trust us to fight tirelessly on your behalf. We’ll explore every potential defense to find the best path to a favorable outcome for you.

We Take on the Toughest Offenses

Holcomb Johnson PLLC represents clients in a variety of criminal defense matters, including:

       Drug charges, including possession and trafficking

       Driving while impaired or under the influence

       Theft and burglary

       Assault and battery

       Traffic violations

       Sex crimes

       Domestic violence

       Misdemeanor and felony charges

Thinking About Talking to the Police? Talk to Us First

Time is of the essence once you’re charged with a crime. You can expect enormous pressure from the police to agree to question and “give your side of the story.”

Here’s a hint: they’re not really interested in your side of the story; they are only interested in getting evidence that they can use against you. And they will use a wide range of coercive tactics to try to force you to talk. They may even claim that hiring a Bay St. Louis criminal defense lawyer makes you look guilty or that the entire matter can be cleared up with a quick chat.

Don’t listen to any of it. Instead, tell them you want your lawyer present before you answer any questions. You have that right—exercise it, call Holcomb Johnson PLLC, and protect your civil rights.

Felony Charges

While any criminal conviction can have a negative effect on your future, felonies are reserved for the most serious crimes. If you are convicted of a felony, you’ll lose several rights immediately. You may be stripped of your right to vote, and currently, that right is not restored unless you take additional steps. Those convicted of certain felonies will be banned from serving on a jury or serving in office. On top of that, you lose your right to own firearms.

While some legislators are trying to find ways to stop the disenfranchisement of convicted felons in Mississippi, you don’t want to leave your future up to the goodwill of politicians. Instead, take immediate action by hiring a legal team with an impressive record of felony defense cases.

Some of the crimes considered to be felonies in Mississippi include:

       Aggravated assault

       Aggravated domestic violence





       Exploitation of children


       Human trafficking






       Sexual battery of children

Depending on your charges and the circumstances of the crimes, you could face grave consequences if you are convicted. Possibilities include long prison sentences, huge financial penalties, a life sentence, or even the death sentence. This is a moment when your entire future is truly at stake, so don’t take a chance on an untested criminal defense lawyer or a DIY legal defense.

Criminal Defense Strategies

The key to a strong criminal defense team is an expansive knowledge of potential defense strategies. There are so many factors at play in a criminal defense case that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Defense options vary, depending on the severity of the charges, how strong the evidence against you is, witness testimony, your alleged role in the crime, and how the crime is perceived by society as a whole.

Some of the options and strategies we may consider include:

       A plea bargain: While this isn’t technically a defense, it is one option that can be used to decrease the severity of your charges and the penalties you face. This option is often presented after the circumstances of the charges are known and the prosecutor has had a chance to evaluate the strength of the case.

       Evidence that is too weak: Remember, if the prosecutor has a conviction, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime you’ve been accused of. This is a very high bar to clear, and if the evidence doesn’t meet this standard, you may be successful in your case.

       Justified criminal actions: In some cases, a crime did occur, but for justified reasons. For example, if you killed someone in self-defense because your life was in legitimate danger, you could try to fight manslaughter or murder charges.

       No crime was committed: Perhaps you’re being tried because you attempted to commit a crime, stopped during the commission of a crime, or were tricked into engaging in criminal activity. If no actual criminal activity occurred, there is no case.

       Violation of your rights: The United States protects a suspect’s rights, but those rights are often violated during the criminal justice process. Evidence gained illegally can be excluded from the prosecution’s case, strengthening your defense.

Contact Holcomb Johnson PLLC Now to Protect Your Rights

Don’t wait any longer to prepare for what comes next in your criminal case. The more time your attorney has to prepare, the better equipped they can be for negotiations and trial. To find out how Holcomb Johnson PLLC can help you through this, call us at 228-432-6652.