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In Mississippi, it is unlawful to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are stopped and found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08% or higher you will be charged with a DUI. Even if you do not show signs of impairment, you may be charged and Mississippi DUI penalties can be severe. 

It is important to hire a qualified Mississippi DUI attorney to represent you. The DUI lawyers serving Gulfport & Bay St. Louis at Holcomb Johnson PLLC use their extensive knowledge of criminal law for the benefit of our clients.

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What are The Penalties for a First DUI Offense in Mississippi?

When you are stopped on suspicion of DUI, you have the right to refuse to submit to field sobriety tests. If you do, however, you will be required to submit to a chemical test later. When a person fails the chemical test, there is an automatic license suspension for a minimum of 90 days, though you will be given a temporary permit that allows you to drive until your trial. The penalties depend on whether this is your first offense or a subsequent offense.

In Mississippi, the penalties for a first DUI offense include:

  • Up to 48 hours in jail
  • Fines of between $250 and $1,000
  • Completion of an alcohol safety education program
  • A 30-day license suspension
  • 90-day license suspension with test refusal
  • Ignition interlock device for at least 6 months

What Happens if You Get a Second DUI in Mississippi?

The possible penalties for a second DUI include:

  • Between 1 and 5 years in jail
  • Fines of between $2,000 and $5,000
  • Completion of an alcohol safety education program
  • A 5-year license suspension
  • Ignition interlock device for at least 3 years

What Happens if You Get a Third DUI in Mississippi?

The penalties for third offense DUI in Mississippi include:

  • Between 5 days and 1 year in jail
  • Fines of between $600 and $1,500
  • Completion of an alcohol safety education program
  • A 2-year license suspension
  • Between 10 days and 1 year of community service
  • Ignition interlock device for at least 6 months

Is DUI a Felony or a Misdemeanor in Mississippi?

A DUI can be a felony if it is your third offense within the past 5 years. A DUI after your third DUI within your lifetime is a felony.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a DUI will stay on your driving record for five years and on your criminal history forever.

If you want to minimize the financial fallout of your DUI, possibly avoid having a conviction following you around for the rest of your life, and protect your civil liberties, you absolutely need a DUI lawyer in Gulfport. Some people avoid hiring an attorney because they are afraid it’s too expensive.

Even if you don’t hire a DUI attorney, you will still end up spending money because of a DUI arrest. Chances are good that you will spend even more without an attorney. Court fees, the monthly costs of an ignition interlock device, your base fines, alcohol education courses, increased insurance, and other expenses can empty your bank account before you know what happened.

With an attorney, you can explore non-adjudication and a range of possible defenses for your case. Without an attorney, you essentially have no chance of fighting DUI charges. While you may review DUI defenses on your own and try to plead your case in court, realize that you are going up against a prosecutor who has plenty of motivation to secure a conviction against you.

Reasons to Fight a DUI Charge

A DUI can significantly limit your work options throughout your career. Many licensed or certified career paths have strict requirements for applicants, and DUI could disqualify you.

Also, DUI is a topic that brings up strong opinions in the public eye. Many people know someone who was hurt or killed in a DUI accident, and they aren’t afraid to bring it up when talking to someone who has a DUI conviction.

Perhaps one of the most surprising aspects of a DUI for many people is the fact that it can actually affect them in custody battles. DUI is an incredibly dangerous behavior, especially when children are involved. If you ever end up in a parenting dispute where an ex is trying to prevent you from getting custody or visitation, they can bring up your DUI conviction. The judge is likely to take t into account when making their decisions.

DUI convictions bolster the public opinion of prosecutors and make people believe that Mississippi roads are safer. Without extensive working knowledge of the law, anything you say will only build the case against you.

When you choose the team at Holcomb Johnson PLLC, you can feel confident knowing that we are committed to aggressively defending your rights and your future. Our in-depth knowledge of Mississippi law has made us fierce advocates for our clients over the years, and we’re ready to bring that expertise to your case.

There is so much on the line when you have been arrested for driving under the influence. Do not leave it up to chance by defending yourself or throwing yourself at the court’s mercy. Give yourself the best chance at a fresh start by hiring a Gulfport DUI attorney.

Experienced Mississippi DUI Lawyers on Your Side

Our DUI attorneys serving Gulfport & Bay St. Louis will assess the circumstances of your case and recommend the best strategy for your defense. We can advise you of possible options—such as seeking a hardship license that will allow you to drive to work—and help you navigate the legal process. We recommend that you seek legal advice as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.